During the year Locanda Fontezoppa organises gourmet food and cultural events. Locanda Fontezoppa’s upcoming events will be organised for the “Sapori & Saperi” Festival: 13 January 2014 “Vernaccia Full Ahead” – a wine tasting – informative event dedicated to the oldest Marche docg wine, Vernaccia, from the classical rosé method to the traditional sweet wine or the dry Vernaccia and passito wines. 14 February 2014 “Cabernet for dinner” – a scenic comical reading by the actress Romina Antonelli as a tribute to the pleasure of good wining and dining, with the texts of great authors. Poems, extracts from novels and stories, maximums, puns and anecdotes of wine experts, novelists, poets, musicians, wine lovers. 28 February 2014 “Ribona in the vertical” – a meeting to better understand the sensory and theoretical aspects of this wine made with white Maceratino grapes. The Fontezoppa Ribona harvests from 2007 to 2011 will be compared. 14 March 2014 “Ageing processes” – an innovative experiment by Psicovinologia. An experiential workshop with the involvement of participants, food and wine tasting, and a comparison of Wine/People, both seen as the result of different passions and elements, under the guidance of 3 experts: Lucia Trucchia and Serena Peroni (psychotherapists), Tullia Mauriello (clinical educationalist). 28 March 2014 “All tango” – music, songs and dancing. A journey into the fascinating world of tango, to discover gourmet foods and wines, with the most beautiful music and songs that have marked the history of this musical genre performed by the Group Vuelvo Al Sur and a dance couple.